No tour to the Canadian Province of Ontario can be deemed complete without at least a day or two spent in the heavenly beauty of the port city of Hamilton. For those who have never heard of the Golden Horseshoe, it is nothing but the western bank of the Lake Ontario, where Hamilton is precisely located. The reason for the ‘golden’ nomenclature is that there is a lot of prosperity accumulated in the area because of the rapid industrialization. And it was George Hamilton who bought the Durand Farm, and his name was incorporated in the port city of Hamilton. But enough historical musings already people! We have so many wonderful things to explore in the magnificent city of Hamilton. And exploring it to the core is what Hamilton Undiscovered brings forth to you!

What Is So Attractive About Hamilton?

On one hand you have the shimmery waters of the ambient Lake Ontario nestled close to the city, and on the other hand there is the Niagara Escarpment which gives you a scenic view of the lush-green forests and picture perfect mountains. Given the increasing prosperity of the region, the attraction of Hamilton also lies in the modern tourist facilities and excellent infrastructure we have here. You could be an adventure tourist, a mountain lover, a bird watcher, a ski enthusiast, a beach monger, a history seeker, a lone traveler or even traveling with a group of friends or colleagues, and Hamilton boasts of all-round tourist attraction to quench your wanderlust. Also, a special word of mention for the vivacious nightlife, lovely beachside cafes and plenty of attraction in terms of exotic cuisine and ample beverages!