A fine example of aesthetically captivating, neoclassical architecture, the Dundurn Castle was built in 1835, and has been restored after its purchase by the City of Hamilton in 1900. The castle premises is impressively sprawling, and doesn’t just include the Castle Building but also a fascinating museum hosting the best military memorabilia, a multi-cuisine-restaurant and coffee shop and a souvenirs shop for visitors to take home a piece of Hamilton’s heritage with them as they head homewards. From the sheer opulence of the castle, to the exclusive interior designs and the unique military exhibits at the museum, an entire day can be well-spent in the huge premises of the Dundurn Castle. Also, just so you know, this is also listed amongst the National Historic Sites of Canada, and is a complete goldmine for history buffs.

Captivating Collections At The Art Gallery Of Hamilton

In addition to being the oldest art gallery of the port city if Hamilton, the Art Gallery of Hamilton is also regarded as one of the most popular and earliest art displaying centers in Canada. When the gallery was first conceptualized and the art collection was compiled in 1914, the venue was first arranged on the second floor of the Hamilton Public Library itself. Over the years, one could see the revenue collections getting amassed, and it was then that the Art Gallery of Hamilton was shifted to its present location at Forsyth Avenue. Here are the prime attractions of this gallery, which not only draws in art lovers from Canada but from across the US and Europe as well:-

  • Art Pieces depicting the History, Cultural Splendor and Heritage of Canada
  • European Art Forms through various phases
  • Modern Art Collection with the inputs of a number of temporary and fusion artists

Ultimately, the Gift Shop and Café close the deal, ensuring that visitors have a full-fledged ‘arty experience’!