Are you fascinated by the thought of unearthing the history of Lancaster Bombers? Or maybe you’d like to walk through phase after phase of the fascinating world of Canadian war planes right from the World War Period to the modern era? If merely listening to all of this gets your adrenaline rushing, we absolutely recommend this warplane museum to be put straight on top of your Hamilton itinerary. And the biggest attraction is yet to come- an extra paid for ride on a bi-plane! But the best part is that this is going to be open cockpit, so not everyone is gutsy enough to try it.

Cruise Along The Princess Point

Rightfully named so, this is the point where the interjection of Lake Ontario with the city and the harbor is at its prime and is beautiful beyond imagination. All the more, there is a nature’s park with playthings for family picnics, and thereafter boating and cruising options are always enthralling. For those of you who are travelling with kids, you can spend an entire fun and full-fledged day here pursuing a variety of activities, and we can bet your children are never, ever going to get bored at the much-famed Princess Point!

Spectacular Array Of Waterfalls Across Hamilton

Given the port city’s proximity to hilly terrain on one side and the magnificent Lake Ontario on the other, it is evident that waterfalls would be plentiful here. To view a scenic, ribbon-shaped waterfall, we recommend you head straight to the Tiffany Falls, while those who like more grandeur and spectacular gushing should head straight to the Tew’s Falls located in Greensville, which happens to be the tallest waterfall in the Golden Horseshoe Zone. Other popular Waterfall attractions include the Webster’s Falls, Albion Falls and the fascinatingly-named Devil’s Punchbowl which is usually the hangout spot for teens and youngsters.

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